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Twelve Survival Lifestyle Hacks in a Crisis

During a crisis, the average person tends to panic about their basic necessities and essentials for everyday life.

This is not a time to panic but to think practically on your priorities and shifting your focus on how you normally do things in your life.

Here are twelve helpful tips to guide you through the storm.
  1. Use bar soap for showering. It lasts much longer than liquid or foam soap. It is also less expensive and you get more for your money.
  2. Save your bar soap once it’s too small to use. Store tiny pieces in a large plastic container. When you store up a large amount, you will be able to use it again by melting the soap for laundry detergent.
  3. Save your paper towels. If you use paper towels to dry your hands in the kitchen, save your paper towels and let them air dry and re-use them for spills on the floor. You might even want to start using a hand towel for drying your hands as an alternative.
  4. Preserve your laundry. Cut down on washing your clothes. Being quarantined means that you do not have to constantly switch out your outfits. Since you will mostly be lounging around, you can wear clothing a few times before washing. (except underwear and socks). J
  5. Save plastic or glass jars from your kitchen items. You can save tomato sauce jars, spray bottles and other items to be used to store additional items. For example, putting bleach in a re-used small spray bottle so you can carry with you when going to the grocery store especially if you run out of Clorox wipes.
  6. Take time to relax. Make sure you get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is critical to your overall health. You also will avoid feeling more stressed and able to function with clarity and hopefully a peace of mind.
  7. Get Creative. Focus on a hobby or craft, listen to music, read a book, learn something new. This is a time to tap into creativity and explore things you’ve been wanting to do.
  8. Get a phone book. Develop an emergency plan. Do you have all of your contact phone numbers stored in a manual book that is easily accessible? Do not store permanent information on your devices. Have a backup plan on how to contact your family and friends.
  9. Develop a plan for an emergency. Do you know where to meet up with family or friends in case of an emergency?  Do you have an emergency kit packed and ready?
  10. Don’t be wasteful. This is a time to learn not to waste anything. Think outside the box before you are quick to throw things away. Make sure you are being a good steward of everything you own and use wisdom, common sense and good judgment. Make conscious buying decisions based on your situation and circumstances.
  11. Do not use toilet paper to wrap sanitary napkins. To save on toilet paper, just roll and wrap in the plastic wrapper it came in or use old magazines or newspapers (if you have some).
  12. Exercise. Stay active. If you live in a small space, you can put on your favorite music and dance with your kids or do morning stretches to release stress and anxiety.


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