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My purpose and mission are to empower and liberate women to acknowledge and embrace their beauty and unique qualities through raising awareness on issues related to self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-identity.


This blog is for the teen, young adult and the woman who is considering transitioning or has already transitioned to natural hair. You will find product reviews, interesting articles geared to hair care, health and wellness, skincare and hair and beauty tips.

Feeling good about yourself is a priority to how you portray yourself to the world. It is a life-long process which starts from the inside out.

With over 104K readership, she encourages and inspires women to live a healthy and authentic life.

Where true beauty is revealed and 
Natural Raw Essence is birthed.

Meet the Editor

Where Natural Raw Beauty is Birthed.

Yolanda started out blogging in 2008. She maintains three blogs and began this one in 2011 when she discovered she was a hair junkie. Over the years, she found out that what works for someone else doesn't necessarily work for everybody and everyone's experience is different. She feels it's always fun to experiment with new products and different hairstyles and encourages women to do the same. 

Through trial and error, she learned to be selective about which brands to purchase and what products work best for her 4C hair type. 

Throughout her hair journey, she sticks to a regular regimen and recommends that when you find a great product that works, you should not deviate from it.

She has shared her triumphs and disappointments and she's discovered that it's equally important to pay attention to what you put inside your body. Health and wellness, as well as diet, are the overall priority to a healthy lifestyle and a successful hair journey. 

Yolanda received her A.S. degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Journalism from Georgia State University and received a certification in Digital Media and Design at Essex County College and continued her study in Communications Media at New Jersey Institute of Technology. 

Her love for writing, fashion, and design provide a creative outlet for her to express and uplift other women to walk in their beauty and natural essence. 

Yolanda enjoys connecting with her readers and actively engages with her audience on social media. In addition, she is also the designer of a t-shirt apparel brand which was birthed from her blog. 

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FTC Disclosure: I will feasibly receive a commission from posts that contains affiliate links or sponsored ads for marketing products on the blog. Each product is tested personally and based on subjective opinion and final results of use. All proceeds support the blog which is independently owned and the personal opinions expressed is solely based on satisfaction of use.  All purchases in results of recommendations on this blog are solely the responsibility of the consumer.

All photos or images are compliant with the copyright and fair use law for digital use. All photos and artwork except publisher's works and images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution. 

All thoughts, ideas, opinions and publisher's images are solely the ownership of the author. Materials cannot be copied, reduplicated or edited without permission from the author.

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